• Building Value Across Borders

    We can help big and small companies, families, and individuals with every step of the expatriation and relocation process. Count on HAYMAN-WOODWARD on every step of your expatriation process, but also for all the related family services.

  • Expatriation services

  • Employment and
    Family based Visas

  • Asylum and
    Humanitary Visas

  • Naturalization



HAYMAN-WOODWARD PLLC is a U.S. Law Firm solely focused on Global Mobility, Immigration, and all areas of U.S. Federal law. With its headquarters positioned in the heart of Washington DC, HAYMAN-WOODWARD PLLC is one of the most prestigious international law firms in the United States, supporting companies and individuals, in their challenges to build value across borders.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD PLLC is affiliated with HAYMAN-WOODWARD CORP, a Business Advisory Group which has been providing Family Office Services, Business Development Advisory, Technology Management, Consumer Trends, Behavior Analysis & Profiling, and Business Consulting Services since 1996 with unparalleled experience and access across most industry segments and governments.

Our firm helps clients attain their global mobility goals as well as become high-performance businesses. HAYMAN-WOODWARD’s clientele is comprised of individuals and businesses all sizes, from small enterprises to Fortune 100 companies; as well as helping governments become more efficient.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD PLLC assists its clients’ tax and immigration (visas) needs worldwide, seamlessly bridging cultural gaps and ensuring clients continued success in the new market of their choice.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD’s team of legal professionals and management have a combined experience of over twenty years in their fields. We have staff attorneys who are licensed to practice in the United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, England & Wales, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil.

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